Why W Fund?

The next Jeff Bezos will be a woman or underrepresented founder. And the W Fund intends to fund them.

We’ve seen firsthand the power of underestimated founders, and we know our next $1B companies will be led by women and underrepresented people.

We have a singular focus on fueling the startup ecosystem, aggregating capital, and deploying funds to women and diverse-led tech startups solving the biggest problems and driving the future of tech. Read our Investment Thesis to learn about the ROI of investing in diverse founders.

The W Fund is structured to make the biggest impact possible on as many levels as possible. A few ways we do this:

  • Directly investing in outstanding companies with strong potential for venture returns and led by innovative leaders from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Normalizing portfolio company diversity and inclusion of employees, workplace, board, advisors and investors.
  • Establishing VC-in-Residence, carry-holding investment positions to open a path to VC for exceptional people who would otherwise not have that access.
  • Diversifying our Limited Partners, providing them with investing, operating and leadership skills-building programming, and equipping them to be inclusive in activities outside our fund.

Founded by leaders:

The W Fund’s Founding Partners are Kate Brodock, CEO of Women 2.0 and Allyson Kapin, Founder of Women Who Tech, two of the largest global networks for women-led startups.

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If you believe, as we do, that there’s an incredible opportunity in investing in a new class of diverse founders who are creating the future of tech, we’d love to talk with you about becoming an LP.